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Christmas shopping in Lisbon
November 29, 2010, 21:47
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If you, like me was used to the variety of London shops (or most other places for that matter), before settling in Portugal, you probably share my frustration when it comes to shopping…

Excuse the pink laces...not sure what I was thinking?

On most of my “shopping trips” I come home with nothing, as either I won’t find what I am looking for, or I find it and it’s twice the price of what I expected. I suppose half of the problem is that I still compare prices with the UK and Sweden. On several occasion the same item in either of these locations have been half price.  Needless to say I do a fair bit of shopping on the internet. But it is not the same, it’s nice to have a closer look at the items you buy.

I have decided though that after three years, I have to make an effort to find a couple of “local” shops that suit my needs. And I am slowly getting there.

Last week, my other half and I decided it was time for a “Christmas-shopping-trip” to Lisboa. So after dropping the boys off at the nursery we head off to IKEA (of course) to stock up on some Swedish christmas foods, decorations and wrapping paper, then on to the amazing shopping center Colombo, http://www.colombo.pt . I think this is the closest to a shoppers paradise I have found in Portugal, so far.

First of all, it has my favorite shops; Body Shop & HM, further more a Toys R Us, with more toys than you can shake a stick at.  Funnily enough we spent most of the time in the toy shop,  that’s the sacrifices you make as a parent…

Colombo have some lovely boutiques, and I know where I will be going next time I’m going to update my wardrobe.  We also managed to squeeze in time to enjoy a lovely carrot cake… I wish I could bake them so they tasted just like that and had the same fluffy consistency…Practise makes perfect, I need to find the recipe!