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September = Schoolstart
September 22, 2011, 23:36
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September is nearly over! And we have had the best two weeks of the summer, blue skies and summer heat. Loving it!

My big boy started school this month, can’t believe I have a child going to “proper” school already. It’s a big deal, but I think more of a big deal for me than for him. He loves it, has already made new friends and he’s excited about having homework!

His school is so nice and his books looks like so much fun, I wish I could join him. Would do wonders for my Portuguese . I have got myself a little Portuguese grammar book, just for me. Decided I wanted to show everybody that you can teach old dogs to sit!

One thing I struggle understanding, is why do the children in Primary go longer days than the children in secondary school ? Is it so it can work as an childcare option at the same time. As the Secondary students would be able to look after themselves? Back in Sweden the children finish around lunch time. But saying that, my son just loves school, and even on the later pick-ups, he asks me if he can not stay just a tiny weeny little bit longer.

I have been so worried about my son’s school start, not for his sake though, as he is a very sociable little guy, but for my sake, am I going to be able to help him, am I going to be able to get a good contact with his teacher… One thing I have learnt this month is, relax, it is never going to be as difficult as you make it out to be. So far so good!

With a spring in my step…& a running partner!
August 25, 2011, 23:21
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Two months down the line, and I am finally back!

Just a little update;

No gym sessions this months, so my running has been great, as I have made an effort to make up for lost gym sessions.  And I can finally do my new longer run, without that horrid feeling that I am not going to be able to make it.

On the weekend my 6-year-old insisted that he wanted to come run with me. He’s got a lot of stamina! I think I got myself a little running partner.

I have finally upgraded my running shoes, it was way overdue. Now it feels like running on clouds, a bit like having springs under my feet. Lesson learnt, do not run in your running shoes until they feel like you are walking around in flip-flops…

Ah vad det vaxer…
June 15, 2011, 21:56
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Went out for a walk today, and I could not believe how much everything has grown… All it takes is a few days with rain and then a few days with glorious sunshine and, Voila! Even our windowsill tomatoes and peppers has had a growth spurt, and they are sitting on the inside?

As you know I have been dreaming for a while now, of having my own piece of land. And to see this sudden burst of edible things out in nature just fuels this desire… Do you think it’s a natural instinct? To be able to provide for oneself and ones family?

Our window sill garden is growing…and there is so much  more I would like to add. But the next seeds are going to be Rocket, can’t wait to eat my “own” rocket. If you are not a rocket fan, try rocket on pizza or pasta. It tastes so good! I love it with most things at the moment. Why not try a cheese and ham sandwich with rocket… Staple lunch in this house. As a matter of fact, had it today.

Rocket has as many other salad greens high vitamin A and C content and it has a very positive effect on liver function. Which could prove useful for detoxing.  Apart from the above it’s also packed with other nutrients like; iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamin B.

Let me know what you think about Rocket, as I know this is one of these “love or hate” foods.


Is 2011 going according to your plan?
June 6, 2011, 19:39
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Just about half way through 2011, what have you got to show for this year so far?

I was thinking of that the other day. My plan was to be positive about it, BUT, instead my thoughts started… I have not done this and that I planned at the beginning of the year. So I decided to start again, and look at what I ACTUALLY have done instead, and then suddenly it didn’t look so bleak after all. So what if I have not started a new career or bought a house with a garden. I have regained my fitness levels, although not my waist goal and I have learnt some more Portuguese. The best part of it all, I have been watching my kids grow a bit older, learning new things and playing together and I have shared this with my husband. And the beautiful times you have as a family, beats all the “BIG” goals. Somewhat bitter-sweet, as we would love to have more of these moments with our extended families too…

The last week my boys have been so giggly and I just love to hear them laugh… That is the best medicine to absolutely everything. And I think all parents will agree on this one.

We had one of those idyllic days on the beach this weekend, a happy smiling all play and games family…. No fighting over who is going to have what towel, not too much sand throwing. Could not have been better, a little treasured memory, that you will remind yourself of when the rain is pouring and you are all getting cabin fever and the bickering starts.

I like to believe that what happens is meant to be, but not in the sense that you will just sit on your bum and wait for things to happen. More in the way that you come to a cross-road, and the road you choose is the path for you, easy or hard. Like you are handed a set of tasks, then it’s up to you to decide how you are going to deal with them.

So here’s to another six month filled with laughter, surprises, everyday stuff and a step closer to your “big goals”.


I want to be fluent too…
May 19, 2011, 20:53
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This weekend I overheard my two-year old having a proper conversation with an older friend in Portuguese. I was so impressed! I knew that he knows a lot of words and he always respond in the correct way when spoken to in Portuguese. But this was something else…

I am so proud. But now I need my kids to be proud of me too. I understand more and more, reading Portuguese is getting easier by the day, with help of kids books like Ruca and Elle Magazine! My next step would be to read an adult fiction book.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that my eldest son is starting school in September and that I am very nervous about my ability to help him with his school work. This weekend we went for an open day at the school. After about 20 minutes, my son was happily joining the children in all the activities.

While I did not understand everything that was said, especially not the jokes, i felt at ease. So now I do feel a bit more relaxed about this big change in our lives. I can also see the potential in learning along side my son. If only I could sit in on the afternoon lessons…

My big issue is to not dare to speak, beyond the phrases I now feel familiar with. I also get so overwhelmed when there are lots of people talking… I can give you an example; Friday night I went to a school meeting (Yip, Friday night at 9:00pm). All the parents are setting up a little show for the summer party at the nursery. I followed the conversation quite well…but then suddenly everyone started to talk at the same time. That’s when my brain switches off. Then that’s it, I’m lost! Luckily my son’s teacher is great and helps me as much as she can.

I need to speak more…or else I will not get any braver… And that would be a shame as my boys are such masters at Portuguese.

So my next challenge is to read an ADULT FICTION BOOK in Portuguese. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Virtual Allergy…
May 4, 2011, 20:34
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…I’ve been a bit absent recently…

I think I might be allergic to my laptop? is this possible? I just find I can not force myself to sit in front of my computer after work…is it just me? Or is it the weather? Or am I ACTUALLY allergic?

As for example, right now I am just dying to wrap up and log off.

But I will be back, I know I will. I hope it will be soon. So many things I want to share, but will save it for another day.

But I leave you with this thought…

How can we live in the present and at the same time plan for the future?

The colors of spring makes me happy.

Knitting club and basil muffins?
April 13, 2011, 21:55
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Have you ever thought of what you would do for a living if you could do what ever you would like, without taking risks and finances into account?

I have… and of course this “dream” job has changed over the years; as a 12 year old I wanted to fly fighter jets…but I gave up that dream when i found out you need 20/20 vision.  Then shortly after I wanted to be a pop star, and that lingered for quite some time. In high school I wanted to become a tourist guide and travel to far-flung places…

In my adult life my dreams have always hovered over health and fitness related professions, until recently.

Right this very minute I am dreaming of my very own cozy yarn shop with a little cafe. Yarns in all the colors of the rainbow, in all fibres available packed to the rafters. A cafe with muffins a la Sprigs SA and a knitting club of course!

yarn in beautiful colors and textures.

I love to create things, when I was younger I used to draw… But I think I made my last sketch in 2005!

About the same time I started to knit. I find it so relaxing and at the same time challenging. There is always something new to learn. A fantastic hobby to have, where you can get a fabulous and useful end product. Although it doesn’t always work out like that. But don’t forget practise make perfect!

AND some useful studies has proved that it can lower your blood pressure and get you to the same relaxed state as if you were doing yoga. Not bad if you ask me.

I went to my first ever knitting workshop recently, I really enjoyed it. And came home with a few new tricks to my repetoire.  My teacher for the session was Zelia, she got crafts in her blood, she sews, knit and crochet, and I’m sure many other things to that. Very inspiring! If you want to see any of the things she made, pop over to her blog; http://zstitchin.blogspot.com/

I have a feeling that I am not the only one who want to make a living out of a hobby I love…

What’s your dream?