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Abs workout wanted!
April 5, 2011, 00:16
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I have complete my first full month of  3 workouts a week this year… AND it feels good!  Two body pump sessions alternated with the odd spin session or running.  I think my other half is much happier too with this accomplishment, as I do become a happier person to be around. My  couchpotato persona becomes a bit miserable at times… :S

I would like to up my running to twice a week, but at the moment I settle for an extra session every now and again. I alternate between a shorter and a longer run at the moment. On the short one my dog gets to go with me, this run turns into a resistance session as she is possible the slowest dog I know… Or maybe just not that into running? While on my own I can push myself and will then do a longer run. My plan is to be able to run to the beach and back by the end of the summer…That means to double my longer run, so quite a challenge for me.

I would like to add a good abs workout to my week, as I feel that my stomach doesn’t get to work as hard as the rest of the body. Not sure if this should be a pilates workout or if there is anything else that is fun and effective out there.

So I have a few things to work on this month. Which is good, as the experts say you need to keep it fresh change your routine regularly.

So if you are sitting on a great abs-workout out there. Share please!

I wish these were my abs!


Sand between my toes
March 20, 2011, 20:49
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It’s been a fantastic weekend, at last! Sun, sun and then more sun!

Yesterday morning, I got out early to go for a run. And Dora the dog was allowed to tag along.  We got along much better with her extendable lead,  she didn’t trip me up this time. The run felt great and so much easier. Not sure if it is because of the longer run I did or if it is my body pump classes that has improved my endurance? Or maybe it was just the warmth of the morning sun?

Today we spent the day on the beach, what a wonderful past-time. The boys loved it and so did I! I think I even got the beginning of a tan to show for it. But there is at least another two months to go before I go for a swim. The water is FREEZING. Still the sea was packed with surfers fighting for the waves, including my husband. Not unusual to see six people taking off on the same wave. I am surprised there are so few accidents out there.

Amazing to think though; here you are on the beach late March and it’s packed with people… When we left at four, there was a traffic jam to get in to the parking by the beach… The portuguese like to go for their beach strolls after siesta at 3pm.

So here’s for a new week with a Spring theme.

Can a “crab-walker” be a good running partner?
February 6, 2011, 20:58
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This week we have added a new member to our family, a 6 month old puppy…she is quite a charmer, as she ended up coming home with us after visiting a dog shelter.

My initial thought was it’s great she can come with me on my runs and we will do lots of walking etc. Which is all good theories.

First day we tried to put a collar and lead on her, she had a fit (she has never worn anything like it before).  So we had to take it slow. As she has never been out for walks before, she will stop E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E to have a sniff… So the exercise aspect of these dog walks has not happened yet.

This morning, we thought she might as well come with me for my morning jog, instead of us taking her separately for a walk.  So off we went, she was very keen.  For the first ten minutes at least she was running like a crab in front of me darting from the one end to the other… I nearly fell head over heals a good few times, so much for pushing myself.  Kept stopping so I wouldn’t fall… Hmmm, was getting in a bit of a bad mood. Which was a real shame as it was such a beautiful morning.

Another thing, pre-dog, I have always been a bit anxious about all the dogs on-route (there are some BIG loud ones…), so in company of a dog, i couldn’t just sneak past, they sniffed us miles away! And Dora loves them all, she misses her friends at the shelter I think…

I will try to run with her again, but in some ways it’s like taking one of my kids with me, and that to me defeats my mission, my running session is for me to wind down and have some time with myself. Might compromise and do every other time with and the other without.

Found this link about running with dogs: http://www.squidoo.com/runningdog

Think this is where we have some work to do;

Dog Leash Training and Running

Does he heel?

Your running experience will be so much better if your dog is not yanking your arm out of your socket every time she sees a squirrel or smells something fascinating.

Before running, your dog should be good about walking on a lead (and not tugging or walking away). Also, you may want to invest the time to train your dog to heel so he or she is running with you and not “running you”.


I can now see why my husband gets so annoyed when I “crab-walk”. 😉