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5 Day until Christmas
December 19, 2010, 21:12
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5 Days until Christmas.

This week has been pretty busy, preparing for the boys Christmas Party (at least they are still going to the same nursery, next year there will be two different parties…) .

I had to make Christmas prints on a t T-shirt for myself and my  little man, as the baby group was going to do a Christmas Medley with their parents.  This was pretty fun, see below, but next time I will definitely use textile paint!

I had all intentions to learn all the songs by heart…in the last minute I started, only to notice my cd from the nursery didn’t work, so I search on the internet. I found a couple, so I could at least sing a long in the song’s chorus.

Cakes had to be sorted for the party, I did cheat and went to the supermarket. The moms over here all seems to still do lots of baking. There was some fantastic cakes! I wish I could bake like that, so does my husband… But I always defend myself with that it’s better for our waists if I don’t.

… And while the kids have been sleeping the elves have been hard at work , wrapping gifts and preparing surprises…

So yesterday we went to the boys Christmas party, which was lovely.  My miming my way through my number went un noticed and my big boy was a stunning snowman to the tunes of  “Let it snow, let it snow…” (Vai Nevar, vai Nevar!)

Christmas outfits.

Today we went for Christmas lunch with the football club, it was a sit down meal with traditional Portuguese treats, delicious! The kids ate like they never seen food before. And of course rounded off with some lovely cakes again…

Luckily I went for a run this morning. My five-year old decided to join me today. So i opted for a shorter route, which passes our house half way through, incase he needed to stop.  Fair enough my pace was  a slow jog, but you know what he ran more or less the whole way, and not only that he chatted the whole way! I am so impressed!

I took him to a movie at the community hall in our village this after noon; The Search for Santa Paws.  It really got me in the Christmas spirit.  I don’t really do movies when animals talk, but for some reason I got really emotional… Just so Christmassy…and lovely… and traditional, well apart from the talking animals.


We have finished decorating the house… this week there is only food on the agenda for our Christmas celebrations… Only 5 days to go!

Ho Ho Ho! xxx