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What grows in your garden…?
October 6, 2013, 21:38
Filed under: Farming, Health, Nutrition, Organic, Pumpkin

Well……seems like I am breeding quite a few moths at the moment, as today our cabbages and broccoli looked more like stalks of something else…only some sad looking sticks left…and a bunch of fat happy green caterpillars, that apparently now can turn into moths…. Grrr.

Here is a photo resume of our little veggie patch so far.






These plants are the happiest on our plot. No matter if we have a dry spell of 3 months or pouring rain. Resilient.


Still waiting for our Butternuts to be ready…yum!


Pumpkins are well on their way now, today they have started to change color. Will add some new pix of them soon.


These are my “dry” photos. Next time I will upload a couple from after the rain…the weeds are taking over, yes and the tomato plants!

I love our little plot, although, we are novices, we are enjoying ourselves, and this summer we have learnt lots, by trail and error.  And we will try and take this with us when we start all over in the new year.

But on another note, whether your vegetables grow well or not, it is something very healthy and therapeutic about digging, planting and growing.



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