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Virtual Allergy…
May 4, 2011, 20:34
Filed under: Health, postaweek2011, Thoughts

…I’ve been a bit absent recently…

I think I might be allergic to my laptop? is this possible? I just find I can not force myself to sit in front of my computer after work…is it just me? Or is it the weather? Or am I ACTUALLY allergic?

As for example, right now I am just dying to wrap up and log off.

But I will be back, I know I will. I hope it will be soon. So many things I want to share, but will save it for another day.

But I leave you with this thought…

How can we live in the present and at the same time plan for the future?

The colors of spring makes me happy.


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My allergy is bloody HAY FEVER! Using local honey – works pretty well! x

Comment by Sarah

Hmm…. Not sure how well honey will work for technical/virtual allergy. But you know what! I am going to give it a go right now. Mixed with some Rooiboos tea. x

Comment by SprigsNSprogs

Min blogg har också fått stå….

Comment by Jenni

ummm, doubt it will work but bet it will taste nice!! 🙂

Comment by Sarah

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