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Abs workout wanted!
April 5, 2011, 00:16
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I have complete my first full month of  3 workouts a week this year… AND it feels good!  Two body pump sessions alternated with the odd spin session or running.  I think my other half is much happier too with this accomplishment, as I do become a happier person to be around. My  couchpotato persona becomes a bit miserable at times… :S

I would like to up my running to twice a week, but at the moment I settle for an extra session every now and again. I alternate between a shorter and a longer run at the moment. On the short one my dog gets to go with me, this run turns into a resistance session as she is possible the slowest dog I know… Or maybe just not that into running? While on my own I can push myself and will then do a longer run. My plan is to be able to run to the beach and back by the end of the summer…That means to double my longer run, so quite a challenge for me.

I would like to add a good abs workout to my week, as I feel that my stomach doesn’t get to work as hard as the rest of the body. Not sure if this should be a pilates workout or if there is anything else that is fun and effective out there.

So I have a few things to work on this month. Which is good, as the experts say you need to keep it fresh change your routine regularly.

So if you are sitting on a great abs-workout out there. Share please!

I wish these were my abs!

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Stumbled on your blog/site – loves it.
being an active runner (not professional, don’t think I even qualify for amateur even-lol) but running itself is a fantastic ab workout. BUt that’s if you start running more regularly.

Something that can make your running more fun, as I’ve found, is the Nike+ sportsband. Fantastic. I talked about it in my blog here: http://cello-in.blogspot.com/2011/05/happiness.html

Ab workouts I use:
1) instead of doing the mundane sit up, I balance on my bum with legs bent at the knees and slightly raised and i kick out and bring it. Very hard to explain, picture: http://www.the-fitness-motivator.com/images/seated-row-crunch.jpg though his hands should me much closer to his sides and should preferably use just his fingertips to keep his balance.

2) http://abworkoutexposed.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/away2.jpg
raise you legs up and bring them down slowly. can be painful, but do a rep of 8 each and you’l find yourself growing in strength.

most importantly, keep running. You use alot of your abdominal muscles to run.

I’ll do a proper post about fitness and simple exercises that have worked for me, on my blog when I get a chance

hope this helped.

Comment by ZyVu

Thank you so much for giving me a few new ab workouts to try. I have recently added a few pilates moves to my workout, which has made a big difference. Well so far it feels like it has made a big difference at least, but have to keep at it to see the difference soon too!
I will keep running… I love it!

Comment by SprigsNSprogs

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