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Your Immune system needs your energy
February 20, 2011, 23:00
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Here I was, getting into a good routine… That’s when it hit me…the Winter cold… Buhu!

A bit of a thick head and a nose like a tap, but apart from that I feel quite good. That is until I try to do anything too energetic. I feel like I have just done an 8k run, although I have just climbed one flight of stairs.

I have now missed two sessions this week,  which I suppose is ok. As if I had gone, I might have pushed my luck and be out of action for a lot longer.

Many people say as long as you don’t have a fever or a chest cold you can keep going, as long as you listen to your body and stop if necessary. But I believe as in my case, I have not got a fever or a chest cold, but I am getting very tired from doing something that normally would be no problem. This I would translate as my body is busy repairing me and my immune system needs all the extra energy that I can spare.

So I feel I should respect my body and give it a break, to focus on one thing at the time. It’s really the same concept as you should not eat on the run, as you end up with indigestion etc. For the same reason, the body function much better if it can focus its energy on one major task at a time.

So please if you feel unwell, but your feet up and let the body do what it does best.

Listen to your body.


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I also know what many people say but I believe in rather taking off a week and recover than exercising lightly, even with a head cold, one should rest. Your body needs it.

Comment by blackhuff

I think that’s why as a parent the colds etc seem so stubborn, as you never really take a proper break and slow down. Even if you are not feeling well, the kids still needs to be picked up from where ever, fed etc. I suppose just have to wait for them to become teenagers, so they can look after me when I am unwell. 😉

Comment by SprigsNSprogs

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