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How hard can it be to wear a seat belt?
January 31, 2011, 22:25
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Ok, here is something that has bothered me for a long time…why oh why do I see so many children/babies in the lap of an adult in the front seat? Children sitting in their car seat, but not strapped in…?

Make it a habit in your family.

If my children are not strapped in, I will not start the car. First of all because it’s not safe under any circumstances, and secondly even less so in Portugal. Portugal has not got a good reputation for their road safety.

So today on my way to pick up the boys from nursery, I meet a family from our village, in their family car (may I add plenty of space for everybody, which is not always the case here.) And the toddler is in moms lap in the front passenger seat…

Why is that? Surely they know as well as you and I, that if anything would happen, she will not have a chance. Just the thought brings tears to my eyes. Could you ever forgive yourself, for not doing such a simple thing as just wearing a little strap, i.e. seat belt?

Maybe in the dark ages this could have been forgiven, but not today. They are as well-educated as the next person. AND the law is the same as in all EU countries.

Found this useful information on a site about driving in Portugal;

“Essential Information:

– Seatbelts must be worn at all times, by all occupants of the vehicle.

– Children age 12 or under or less than 1.5m are not allowed to travel in a car unless supported in an approved child seat.”

Why is this ignored?

Ok, so not every parent is that carless, but way to many. And some of them, will learn the hard way how to protect their children, for some it may already be too late.

Never underestimate the danger on the road. With putting your children in the right seats and always strapped in, you have done your best to protect them. And after all that’s your job as a parent. Show your children the respect they deserve.







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Åh! Ser samma fenomen här… Man blir mörkrädd! Vår bil rullar INTE om bältena inte är kopplade!
Tror att många av de som inte använder bältet orkar inte ha skrikiga barn… Men det kan leda till att de inte har några skrikiga mer…

Comment by Systeryster

det skrammer mig och tanken pa att mina barn aker med nagon annan som inte har samma regler som vi har nar det galler att vara fast spand…

Comment by Emma

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