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Christmas stress anyone?
December 8, 2010, 22:40
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It’s only about two weeks left until Christmas… Anyone done everything that needs to be done? Why does it get so hysterical before Christmas?

Not only do people stress about, working too much and not spending enough time with their family or having enough money to do all the things they want to do. No, we have to stress over having perfect Christmases with the right food, the right gifts, the right decoration and all the rest…

I love Christmas! And there is nothing like a good old traditional Swedish Christmas, but since moving to the UK many moons ago, i have slowly changed my “traditions”, there has been a few added on from England, and South Africa (my husbands native country) and of course now we getting to know and love some of the Portuguese traditions. I do think this has helped me, be a bit more relaxed about Christmas, as one year it’s a Swedish Christmas and the next a Portuguese.

I think it is very important that we remember that the Festive season is about hanging out with your loved ones, relax and just be you. So what if the food burnt and you had to order take away or it’s raining when it should be snowing… It really does not matter.

One year when my husband and I decided to go to the movies on the afternoon of  Christmas Eve, we didn’t realize that all the shops would be closed when we came out of the movie house. We had left our Christmas food shopping until that afternoon…. So we had vegetable stew for the Christmas weekend…every day! But we didn’t enjoy the Christmas any less.

This year we will do some Swedish Christmas food for Christmas eve and on Christmas Day it will be roasted turkey with all the trimmings.

What I look forward to the most about Christmas is the chilling out part… A good book by the fire, maybe a glass of port wine, a beautiful christmas tree and children that are playing happily with their Christmas gifts.
I know there is no guaranty for the kids playing happily though, but I can live with that.

I’m planning to be done with my Christmas preparations at the end of this week, apart from the food I am planning to cook. As closer to the time, there is nursery Christmas party, football schools christmas party etc etc…

Remember this is the season to be Jolly….falalala la la la la….

Don’t stress!


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älskar med julen. Känner oftast igen stress inför julen alls… De flesta tycker att jag är lite dum ihuvudet… Älskar ljusen som lyser i fönstrena. Snön. Längtar till julafton för att se glädjen i barnens ögon när de får sina önskeklappar. Kram kram

Comment by Systeryster

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