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You are what you eat.
December 4, 2010, 21:08
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Organic food is good for the soul.

Is the reason for all disorders like allergy, eczema and others, that we putting the wrong things in our mouths? Refined carbohydrates, sugars and fats? Or is it because of all the traces of toxic substances that we get in our bodies through the food we eat, from food treated by pesticides or grown in a heavily polluted area.


If something you eat makes you feel good you are likely to keep eating it and vice versa. This is an indication that the food is good or bad for you. With one huge exception, if you are addicted to a substance. As then the body has already moved past this first stage in the Adaptation process.

In my mind twenties, I was drinking a lot of tea, drank alcohol regularly and on top of that enjoyed spicy food. I often complained about stomach cramps, which eventually was diagnosed as stomach ulcers. This was caused by the combination above; caffeine, alcohol and spicy food? The ulcers only appeared long after my habits where set, when my body was not able to protect my body anymore, it was total overload.

My doctor advised me to avoid all three for a while to let my stomach recover. From then on I converted to herbal teas, eased of on alcohol and opted for milder curries. And it did work wonders. Today I do drink a “normal” cup of tea once in a while, but if I have two in the same day, I get stomach ache straight way, same goes for spicy food and alcohol. So I do strongly believe that your body sends out signals to help you choose what’s best for you. We just need to tune in…

This is known as the “General Adaptation Syndrome”

Stage 1: Initial Response

This is your first response to any event or substance is the best indicator of whether or not it suits you. Great example is the first “puff” on a cigarette.

Stage 2: Adaptation

The human body adapts quickly. Straight away the body starts working on protecting it self from the damaging substance, and it is doing so in an unseen state of stress.

Stage 3: Exhaustion

The body’s immune system is depleted and the body is not able to cope. Not able to adapt any further.

Stage 4: Recovery

It is necessary to avoid or greatly restrict the offending substance. Only this can give the body the time to recover.

Stage 5: Hypersensitivity

When recovered you may react to substances you have never reacted to before. As the body is now back to where you started, before you started taking any substances that did not agree with your body. Which mean you can get more sensitive to other processed foods and similar.

For many years there have been a belief that, some foods make us ill, while others gives us optimum health.

Already in 1923 there was a meat advertising campaign stating: “90% of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap food stuff.”

Our traditional way of farming, does include many kinds of toxins, which so far seems to be a small price to pay for the food companies, to get the crop they expect every harvest. They do this without taking any account to the toxins that enter all the crops they grow, that we will eat, and that will then enters our system and overloads us with toxins that give us a variation of side effects.

Many studies have been done on pesticides used in agriculture. According to Professor William Rea, Director of the Environment Health Centre in Dallas, Texas, pesticides exposure is linked to asthma, eczema, migraines, IBS and rhinitis. But it has also been associated with depression, memory decline, aggressive outbursts and Parkinson’s disease. It is also believed to have cancer causing agents.

It’s even more important to avoid when it comes to children, they are extra vulnerable as their bodies and brains are still growing.  Pesticides can contribute to slow development, behaviour problems, hyperactivity and learning difficulties in children.

So what could we do to avoid this and improve our health?

More and more people have realized the huge benefits of organic foods. Which is the most natural and beneficial way of eating, for optimum nutrition and health. There is less, if none, toxins and been proved to consist much higher levels of nutrients.

This has not been proved on paper, but in actions and wellbeing.

Research made on rats by the Danish institute of agricultural science in Feb 2005, showed pesticides below detection levels for both traditionally grown foods and organic grown,. But the rats fed on organic food was noticeable healthier, slept better, had stronger immune system and where less obese.

You can see this in the influx of organic products in most shops, as that’s what the general public wants, they don’t want to feed their children toxins.

It can also be seen in the masses of people opting for self-sufficiency and the huge interest in growing their own vegetables.

The Environmental Protection Agency compiles a yearly report of the foods with highest level of pesticide residues, it’s called the “Dirty Dozen” report. See below for the 2010 Dirty Dozen report;







Bell peppers






So if you can only buy limited organic food, make these your top choices.

In 2006 the European commission stated:

“Long term exposure to pesticides can lead to serious disturbances to the immune system, sexual disorders, cancers, sterility, birth defects, damage to the nervous system and genetic damage.”

The European commission’s statement dates from 2006. Why have we not seen more incentives to help the traditional agriculture to become more environmental friendly and steer them into a more balanced way of farming. And more research to invent something more sustainable than pesticides? Is ill-health the price we have to pay, for “cheap” and ready-available food all year round?

While doing my research I came across many cases where, individuals have become ill with life threatning diseases, only to find that with optimum nutrition free of toxins, they have miraculously recovered. This is enough for me to believe that food is our medicine.

Nutrition education is not a lifestyle hobby; it should be compulsory fixture on school curriculums all over the world.

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I found that since I started eating healthier, my liver is not sore anymore. I know for a fact that since my galbladder was removed, my liver is sore when I eat greasy/fatty food and drink too much alcohol. But now that I avoid this food and drink by eating healthier, I don’t have that pain in my liver anymore.
It is so true that food do have a major impact on your health and organs.

Comment by blackhuff

It’s amazing when you become more in tune with your body, as you then see the connection between food, mood and also ill health.

Comment by emmavp

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