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Puddles and giggles in the Portuguese farmlands.
November 22, 2010, 21:30
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I have had a really good active week… And I do feel so much better for it.

This is my neighbourhood.

Yesterday I put my youngest in the carrier and went for a walk along my normal jogging route. We have had a lot of rain lately, so it was rather muddy and wet. But we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Dodging puddles (I can Imagine my little boy wishing he was on the ground in his wellies…), following goat droppings and hunting for tractors. It was a fantastic way to start the day, sun was shining, my son was giggling on my back and I got to do a bit of exercise while having fun.

This was resistance walking, with an extra 12 kg on my back. And of course he wanted me to jump over the puddles too!

Today, I woke up fancying a run… not sure what is happening with me, but I think I’m getting this active-bug back. Jay!I went out for a short run, which can be quite fun, as you can push yourself a bit harder, as you know you don’t have to last very long.

I even did a Spin class this week, I find spinning a bit boring, but I do like the way it makes me sweat… But I’m not fit for spinning, after 10 minutes I feel ready to jump of the bike… When the hour was  finished I felt great though… so might do it all again next week?

Early country walk.

The Cabbage country.

The End of the road.


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Vad duktig du är! Tränade igår. Ett riktigt mördarpass. Röd som en kräfta… Sen hem och en rask promenad med Angus och senare på kvällen sprang jag ner och möte Ola efter jobbet. Angus var med… Känns härligt att röra på sig!
Kram kram

Comment by Systeryster

Kanner mig duktig ibland och andra dagar som en lathund… Men idag blev det pump igen och da kanner jag mig pa g… Fast vadret inte var sa inspirerande…

Comment by emmavp

Ooh, vad roligt att folja nagon som bor i Portugal!!


Comment by jenny

Kul att du tittade for bi.

Comment by emmavp

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