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Pão por Deus & Halloween
November 1, 2010, 20:51
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We have had a big Sweetie weekend here in Portugal. It started with Pao por Deus at nursery where all the children came home with sweet bags.  Saturday is the “normal” sweetie day in our house, then on Sunday we had a little Halloween celebration with spider webs and bats, so my five-year old insisted that you need to have sweets on Halloween too!

Then today was the proper “Pao por Deus” day, so he went out in the morning with some of his friends, armed with his Pao por Deus bag. Very excited, as last year he got sweets that lasted him for months, keep in mind he normally only eats sweets on Saturday. As you can see on the photo he didn’t do too badly this year either. He had lots of fun, and I decided today I really need to find out what this day is all about.

I found out, with the help of Wikipedia, that The Pão-por-Deus celebration started on 1 November 1755 in Lisbon, after the vast majority of the city’s residents lost everything to the Great Lisbon Earthquake. This procedure spread all over the country and the Portuguese overseas colonies.


These weekends get very intense, and you get to see the bad effects of too much sugar.  And e-numbers! I like to follow the motto: Everything in moderation.

Came across these interesting comments regarding too much sugar in our diet:

When we eat too much sugar, the process called glaciation can occur. When this happens, some of the sugar we consume sticks to the proteins in our body, causing our body tissues to lose their elasticity. It is not just our skin that is affected, but also our internal organs. The faster that the body loses its elasticity, the faster aging occurs.

– Too much sugar in the body also affects our mind’s ability to learn and recognize.

Think I will have stick to my one chocolate bar a week… My favorite of last month; Black Toblerone. The rest of the week I will stick to fruit and almonds.

Would love to hear from you about how to make a delicious but healthy fruit and nut mix.


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