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Rip Curl Pro 2010
October 3, 2010, 20:38
Filed under: Fitness

At about this time last year, Peniche and surrounding areas were buzzing. The prestigious event, Rip Curl Search was coming to the fantastic beaches of Peniche. The peace and quiet that just settled over us after the holiday season, was gone, and i could have sworn it was peak of summer again! People everywhere and no parking. But what an event, it was great. I do enjoy to watch surfing, but i can honestly say I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did.

So now with just a few days until the Surf elite starts competing here in this little fishing village again, the buzz is back!

My husband is a keen surfer, and I suppose I dream more about learning to surf, rather than actually learn… I am determined that one day I will surf! I have the idea that it has the same “spiritual” satisfaction as snowboarding. And of course I could not think of a much better workout routine either, but as a beginner, there is a lot of lying down, noodle arms and not much standing up working your core. But my time will come, watch this space!

Will send an update on the event of the year, from Thursday the 7th of October. May the weather gods be with us!


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