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Is farming for me?
August 31, 2010, 20:59
Filed under: Farming, Kids, Nutrition

We have had one of those fantastic August days today, a blue blue sky, a slight breeze and the smell of dry soil.

I took my children for a little stroll in the country-side, our short stroll ended up being a two-hour adventure. We saw dragon-flies, lizards and butterflies. The neighbour hood is full of edible things, there where nearly ripe pumpkins,  grapes on the vines, pears on the trees, even the oranges has started to take shape, although they still look like limes rather than oranges.

There where fields that just have been ploughed and ready for its next job, soils so dry and hard that it looked like a field full of rocks.

I get so much pleasure out of seeing all these fantastic things in our neighbourhood, agriculture is the main source of income in this area, like most of Portugal.  I am smitten…I dream of an organic farm of my own. This is coming from me, who has still not been able to figure out how to keep my pot plants alive!

I do believe this is a great way of getting the best food possible and look after the environment at the same time. But I sure have the work cut out for me, I first have to saw some seeds in pots to see if I really can learn how to do it…

Anyway, back to my lovely walk with my children… we ended it by the old-fashioned water pump for a refreshing splash!

If you don’t have country-side to turn to for de-stressing, how do you do it?


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