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Bikini Countdown – No Pain, No Gain
May 12, 2010, 00:16
Filed under: Fitness, Health, Nutrition

Why is it that as soon as spring is around the corner the “get fit for summer/bikini race starts? Some magazines even state they can guarantee a specific weight loss? Is that really possible with reader that comes in all types and shapes and with a million different diets and habits?

It might work for some, but they leave out that the best results will be had by an already fairly fit person, who know and have the right technic.

I do recall some of my first aerobic sessions; I just didn’t get it. It all seemed so easy, was I super fit? Was I missing something? Why did everybody else pant and sweat?

It slowly dawned on me, as I started to get the technic right for the different exercises. What used to be a walk in the park was now a struggle to finish one set.

So a little word of advice here; quality before quantity! And I believe there is some truth in “No Pain, No Gain”. If you are doing an exercise and you don’t feel like you are engaging any specific muscles, ask an instructor to check you are doing it correctly. Only then will you get results.

Well back to the pre-summer quick fix workouts. I am a bit anti this approach, it give the message that it’s ok to not give a hoot about your health and fitness until it’s time to bare it all on the beach. I am quite sure that it’s not the message the health and fitness publications want to give out, but not everybody ready between the lines.

Shouldn’t we rather find a balance, in stead of starting a fresh every spring, with a serious overhaul “renovation”? What we all need is a fitness maintenance plan to follow all year round, to keep us on the healthy path.

I know most people want instant results, I’m no different, but I believe in gradual change. That way you give yourself time to change bad habits for new good ones.

If I could click my fingers and all the exercise had been done for me and all my bad habits gone I would. But I am no Marry Poppins, and to be honest I’m not sure I want to take away the satisfaction of reaching my goal?!

It’s never too late to start your maintenance plan, any day is a good day.


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