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Optimum Nutrition
April 29, 2010, 21:19
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Only when I started to exercise regularly did I realize the impact food has on our mood and wellbeing. It is about ten years ago when I first realized that exercise had to be fun for you to get results, that is the big secret!

If you are having fun while exercising, you are more likely to stick to it, and it is only then you will see results. It’s when you start seeing the results that you become seriously motivated to keep going.

Something I noticed was that the more exercises I did, the more wholesome food I fancied. It’s like my body decided to take what it needed, rather than my mind taking what it wants.

So if you get your exercise diary in order, your diet tends to fall into place. But as we all know it is never as straight forward as just black or white. So this may not be the case for everybody.

Anyone who has ever done a detox knows what a difference it makes to get rid of all unwanted extras like caffeine, excess sugar and additives etc. When you finally finish the elimination period, and you have moved on to something that resembles the “cave-man” diet, you should feel very different. The thing I noticed primarily; no bloating, bundles of energy and general wellbeing.

I find it mind-boggling that such small adjustments can reap such huge benefits.

For me Optimum nutrition is nearly like a potion of life, if you eat the right things for you, you can avoid most ailments. The thought of not having to go to the doctor because you are feeding your body the right stuff is fantastic, very inspiring.

This is why I became interested in nutrition and decided I wanted to become a nutritional therapist. If only all of us had this knowledge, what a different place we would live in. While studying I have come across so many interesting facts and case stories, I just want to learn more. It’s very easy to know and understand it, but it’s a totally different thing to put it in to practice, old habits are hard to change. My mission is to practice what I preach.

Your body is your temple; you need to know it to be the best you!


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