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Third time lucky
February 11, 2014, 23:39
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I have been what you can call a traveler, expat, immigrant, outsider (sometimes it feels that way) since I left school and went on my first adventure to the big city London.  Since then I have traveled the world and settled in Portugal. Six years and two kids later, the time has come, to see if “Home” is on the other side of the world, Australia…

It was not an easy decision, after all, it is on the other side of the world, far away from everything I know… Sure I have traveled, around Europe, to the States, South America and Africa. But never to “the other side”.

A great adventure is about to begin…we are excited… I have no rose-tinted glasses on, I know it is not easy to move to a new country and start from scratch, but we have one advantage, we have done it before. And this time it will be in a country were we understand the language.

I am a great believer in; ” When in Rome, do as the Romans…” So I try my best in embracing the culture and customs. But I believe the beauty about have had the opportunity to live in more than one country, is that you always take some new traditions and customs with you when you leave.

I like to think with knowing more cultures and customs, you become a more adaptable and accepting person.

What grows in your garden…?
October 6, 2013, 21:38
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Well……seems like I am breeding quite a few moths at the moment, as today our cabbages and broccoli looked more like stalks of something else…only some sad looking sticks left…and a bunch of fat happy green caterpillars, that apparently now can turn into moths…. Grrr.

Here is a photo resume of our little veggie patch so far.






These plants are the happiest on our plot. No matter if we have a dry spell of 3 months or pouring rain. Resilient.


Still waiting for our Butternuts to be ready…yum!


Pumpkins are well on their way now, today they have started to change color. Will add some new pix of them soon.


These are my “dry” photos. Next time I will upload a couple from after the rain…the weeds are taking over, yes and the tomato plants!

I love our little plot, although, we are novices, we are enjoying ourselves, and this summer we have learnt lots, by trail and error.  And we will try and take this with us when we start all over in the new year.

But on another note, whether your vegetables grow well or not, it is something very healthy and therapeutic about digging, planting and growing.


Prevention better than cure…
August 9, 2013, 14:35
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I have not been very active here for a long time, but have decided to make a change…

We recently went on a little mini break to the Alentejo mountains, staying in a little self-sufficient cottage, surrounded by olive and cork trees and mountains.  To spend your day strolling on ancient footpaths and swimming in a natural river pool, is very healing.

On our last morning while everyone was sleeping, I tiptoed outside with the mornings first cup of coffee and a book. Lying in the hammock taking in all the morning sounds and smells, made me think of what I really want out of life.  I just wanted to pause in that moment, make it last longer…

I don’t think there are many things that can be so soothing and relaxing as nature, you really feel you belong.

This made me wonder, how I can get a little bit of this peace into our busy everyday life.

I have things in mind; yoga, meditation, gardening or just plain positive thinking. So this is what I have decided to dedicate this space to.

Positive Thinking & all things relaxing.

Late 30’s…is that my time to shine….?
June 25, 2013, 11:35
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Ok, I know most think Birthdays are over rated. But not I, I love my Birthday! Today is the day.

To spend it with my loved ones (at least some of them), Sun streaming through the french doors and a promise of an afternoon on the beach… that is a birthday for me. Oh and one wonderful Birthday cake, sitting there on the dresser waiting to be enjoyed, nearly a shame to eat as it’s so pretty…  Will add a picture later.

Have a fab day, I am planning to have a wonderful day. 🙂

Tweet Tweet
January 19, 2012, 22:09
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Yes the birds have been singing beautifully today…but that was not really what I wanted to tell you. No, I have finally gone and joined the world of Twitter, @SprigsAndSprogs .

I see you there or here, if you prefer!


Is your glas half full or half empty?
January 18, 2012, 21:19
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A real mojo day for me today. 😉 The sky was blue… ended up with a mountain of CLEAN and DRY clothes on my bed. Jay!!!  Beats having a garage full of wet clean clothes that refuse to dry.

Ditched the gym for a 40 minute run along a beautiful beach, with my favorite person. THEN…yes there is more! I went for a bike ride to pick my son up from nursery, which made his day, as he got to wear his new helmet AND I enjoyed some more sunshine on the way. Got to top up my vitamin D’s! I feel great!

I believe that the tone of my day was set, when I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off. Thank you for my mojo day!

For those of you who missed out on mojo today, here’s some coming your way!

I Believe.
January 12, 2012, 21:37
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A new beginning… all those things that I didn’t quite managed to make reality of last year is now getting a second chance…

So here’s to an even better 2012! And what’s better than starting it off with a 30 minutes run, with a mantra playing in my head; “I AM STRONG, POWERFUL AND HEALTHY, I CAN SUCCEED IN WHAT EVER I PUT MY MIND TO!”  I know it’s a mouthful, but you know the more you say it the more you believe and that’s the whole point. You know how people use the saying: “Seeing is believing”, I think they got it all wrong, it should be ” Believing is Seeing”. You have to believe in yourself, before you can change the world.

Enjoy your weekend runs. Don’t forget to believe!